A significant proportion of battery electric vehicles make up the growth as the business specialises in supporting consumers switching to electric vehicles.

ZenAuto, the direct-to-consumer business from Zenith, now has more than 9000 cars on the road after growing at pace over the past two years.

Growth for the Leeds based firm comes at a time when the motoring industry has faced significant challenges affecting both consumer confidence as well as vehicle supply – COVID-19, limited supply of semi-conductors and most recently, economic headwinds combined with the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

ZenAuto attributes the growth to a focus on its best-in-class customer service and digital innovation. The business has also championed EV adoption. Customer demand for BEVs has nearly doubled over the first three months of 2022 compared to the same period last year. Over the last month, BEVs accounted for almost half (46%) of all ZenAuto orders.

The increase in EV demand at ZenAuto supports Zenith’s mission to eliminate tailpipe emissions from the UK vehicle parc.

John Tracy, CEO of ZenAuto, said: “Our commitment to create a truly exceptional customer experience has been a major driver of this incredible growth. We’re incredibly proud of our team, they go over and above for our customers.

“To see such growth at a time when vehicle supply is so restricted is an incredible achievement and we’re already well on the way to hitting 10,000.”