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Huge job cuts in the media

The Coronavirus pandic has wreaked havoc across the globe and many industries have suffered huge losses, aviation and tourism for example are two of the biggest, but spare a thought to the many journalists who are losing their jobs across the country. Everyone fancies themselves as a journalist these days.

New businesses and exciting plans

Following on from my last blog, I am pleased to see that there has been a glimmer of hope for our theatres with the Government throwing them a small lifeline. It doesn't solve the problem but does help a little. I am worried though with the news of an expected

What will become of our theatres?

At TopicUK we regularly visit the theatre and review performances for our readers. During the pandemic, this is something I have missed, regular trips to The Grand Theatre and Leeds Playhouse. But when will they be allowed to reopen? As pubs, bars, restaurants and other leisure venues open this weekend,

Lockdown. Is there an end in sight?

We are fast approaching our 9th week of lockdown, with still no real end to it in sight and I know many businesses are struggling, I don't think any of us thought it would go on so long. The team at TopicUK have been busier than ever, trying to do

Have you been inspired?

I am writing this whilst watching Good Morning Britain celebrating Colonel Tom Moore's 100th Birthday, what an inspiration he is. He has raised over £30m, been made an honorary Colonel by her Majesty The Queen, got a number one single, a Pride of Britain Award, amongst many other honours. We

TopicUK keeps on promoting

My heart has been warmed this week following the news updates about Captain Tom Moore and his incredible fundraising for the NHS. As I write this, he has raised more than £12m and I'm sure over the coming weeks this amount will increase. I am one of those people shouting

Pulling together during challenging times

At the moment, each day feels a little bit like Groundhog Day doesn't it? It's been less than two weeks since we were all asked to isolate at home and I know for some, this is already proving to be a challenge. It is essential though that we follow Government