Yorkshire-based eLearning firm Day One Technologies has been appointed by global automotive marque Mercedes-Benz to develop bespoke eLearning to support employees as they welcome customers back to their showrooms.

Mercedes Benz instructed the development to provide showroom-based retail and commercial sales teams with enhanced skills to build relationships with current customers and prospects as they return from furlough or long-term leave.

Through the specially created eLearning, employees will be provided with fresh new ways to build relationships with customers starting with welcoming them back to the showroom, and how to convert leads into long-term advocates.

Day One Technologies is adept at taking content and making it relevant and applicable in realistic work-based scenarios, ensuring that learning can be applied in day to day situations, rather than bombarding learners with too much information.

As part of the appointment, Day One specialists will take Mercedes-Benz’ existing training content and use it to develop a gamified scenario-based eLearning approach that incorporates interactivity and engagement.

Internal management will also be provided with a bespoke reporting tool to measure how well the training has worked for individuals, thus allowing them to identify those who require further support.

Elaine Teal, CEO said: “Dealerships across the UK have been closed for over three months and as a result, many employees have been furloughed.

“Employers of these dealerships now have a responsibility to ensure that staff who’ve been out of the business for a long time are prepared to return to work, so we were overjoyed when Mercedes Benz came to us with a strong desire to do so.

“They were very specific in that they wanted to build eLearning to increase confidence amongst employees and provide them with new skills to build relationships with customers in order to drive long-term business growth.”

“Our years of experience developing engaging learning modules was what made us the perfect fit for this project, and we can’t wait to hear the feedback from employees.”

Day One Technologies has already begun the development of the eLearning which will be live to employees in around six weeks.