Cognito Learning, known as a leading provider of employee learning and development, is thrilled to announce its bold rebranding as Cognexo, designed to take the employee experience to the next level.

Cognexo is now addressing urgent market needs:

  • Employee churn: 30% of employees leave their job within the first 90 days, often due to a disconnect between job expectations and reality.
  • Skill gaps: 87% of companies are experiencing skill gaps now or expect to in the future and with the cost of c.£50,000 to onboard a replacement employee, the need for effective development strategies has never been more critical.
  • Recommendation rates: Only 1 in 5 new starters are likely to recommend their employer, highlighting a significant opportunity for improvement in employee engagement.
  • Strategic rebranding for a global solution

The rebrand to Cognexo reflects their expanded vision to empower companies worldwide to enhance their culture, mitigate employee churn and promote a continuous learning environment. "At Cognexo, we are dedicated to turning employee feedback into action to enhance both employee satisfaction and commercial growth," states Dan Buckley, CEO of Cognexo.

The data underscores the importance of the first 90 days in an employee’s journey. Creating a positive initial experience halves the likelihood of an employee seeking new opportunities. Conversely, successful onboarding can lead to an 82% increase in retention and a 50% boost in engagement, with full productivity reached four months faster.

From Cognito Learning to Cognexo: Evolving to meet emerging needs.
Cognexo, has evolved from an industry-leading knowledge retention tool to a comprehensive solution addressing employee engagement and development challenges across the whole employee lifecycle.

Cognexo now enables organisations to personalise the employee’s journey, offering them an automated, bi-lateral communications mechanism with embedded workflows to air feedback in real time as well as providing personalised development through an AI powered, knowledge retention approach that integrates with and complements existing learning systems and programmes. Advanced analytics offers employees a lens into employee satisfaction, potential pinch-points, development progress and areas of focus for improvement.

Supported by fresh investments and a robust leadership team, Cognexo is poised for global expansion. Partnerships with major platforms like ADP, Workday and Thrive, enhance Cognexo’s ability to offer personalised learning pathways and employee engagement with seamless integration across systems.
"Cognexo represents a paradigm shift in how businesses drive strategic employee initiatives and achieve their objectives," added Buckley. "We are excited to embark on this journey of transformation alongside our partners and clients, empowering them to deliver exceptional employee experiences."