Back in the hands of original owners Angus and Kathleen Wielkopolski since December 2021, St Helen’s Farm at Seaton Ross near York has been awarded a gold and silver medal at the International Cheese & Dairy Awards as it launches new packaging for its goat’s cheese prepacks.

Founded 36 years ago, the manufacturer is the UK’s largest goat’s milk producer, with products including fresh milk, yogurts, cheese, and butter. Multi-award-winning, the most recent awards were a Gold for its Mature Goat’s Cheese and a Silver for its Goat’s Milk Yogurt.

The awards come as the company launches its new packaging for goat’s cheese; premium parchment packaging with clearer labels for easy differentiation between mild and mature - without compromising on the flavour customers know and love.

Katy Gray, head of marketing said: “We wanted the packaging for our handcrafted cheeses to reflect the premium quality of the product itself, while also making it easy to discern between the different maturity levels. We understand that consumers are time-poor, so making their shopping choices even easier is imperative to a positive buying experience.

“The recognition we have received again at the International Cheese & Dairy Awards is a real honour and a welcome addition to our bevy of awards across the St Helen’s product portfolio. We’re excited for a busy awards season and look forward to seeing how our products perform against a wealth of high quality produce.”

St Helen’s Farm handcrafts a variety of goat’s milk products. With its complex flavour and a nutty rich taste, St Helen’s Mild or Mature Goat’s Cheese is made with 100 per cent British goat’s milk. Suitable for vegetarians and the natural alternative to cow’s milk or plant-based cheese, it’s brilliantly versatile for slicing, grilling, grating and sandwich making.