Workshops held at Co-Working spaces in Leeds in support of National Work Life Week

Personal and business wellbeing is the focus of a series of workshops being held for the region’s business community in support of National Work Life Week (October 11-October 15).

Launched by Yorkshire business coach and wellbeing expert, Ros Jones, and supported by Topic UK, the workshops are taking place at several co-working spaces across Leeds to provide an opportunity for people to find out what business wellbeing means on a practical and emotional level and how and why it can make a huge difference both personally and in terms of work success.
Ros Jones said: “Over the course of the pandemic, the importance of personal wellbeing and business viability has never been more prevalent.

From the feeling of isolation and overwhelm working from home, to starting a new business, financial and supply chain issues, resource and employment challenges and fear of change and the unknown through unpredictable lockdowns and policy updates – there has been a lot for workers and business owners to take on.

National Work Life Week and this event is a great opportunity for especially SME owners and employees to really find out how they can bring balance and success to their work and personal life. This should be seen as the essential way of doing business and they shouldn’t be mutually exclusive concepts.”

The one-hour interactive workshops will take place at Park House and Duke Street Studios on 14th October for their members, with Park House offering limited places to non-members on request.

Ros adds: “I developed The 5 Principles of Business Wellbeing during the pandemic as the value and importance of balance in our lives became increasingly important, especially when linking to the success of business and the impact on our everyday lives.

Whether you’re an SME owner, or employee this event offers a chance to take some practical steps which hopefully will lead to a more happy, productive workforce.”

If you would like to host a Business Wellbeing Workshop, get in touch by emailing