There are many reasons you might need an expert to come to your home to conduct maintenance and testing to ensure that your property is safe to live in and efficient. One of the most sought-after experts, alongside plumbers, are electricians.

There are countless jobs that electricians can do around your home. They can help you with the wiring during renovation work, installing complex electrical equipment in your home, and even carrying out routine inspections to ensure that your devices and installed electrical systems are up to standard.

Fitting Sockets And Lights
If you’re unsure of how to do these tasks yourself, it’s never worth attempting to do it alone. While these can be relatively straightforward tasks, these fittings are still connected to your main power, and a mistake here could result in electrocution. Instead of risking your safety, it’s worth getting a qualified electrician to install these things for you. Not only are they able to do this as safely as possible, but they’ll also be able to complete the job to a high standard, reducing the chance of structural damage or future complications.

Electrical Inspections
This is especially important if you’re a landlord or your property is one that is being used publicly, such as a bar or restaurant. It’s recommended that you get your electrical appliances and fixtures tested at least every five years or so to make sure they are safe for residents, the public, or staff. Of course, the larger the property, the more things that will need testing, and this can be a monumental task for one person.

To remedy this, many people will instead get an electrician to test a percentage of these devices and fittings annually instead, spreading out the workload. This inspection is known as an electrical installation condition report or EICR.

While it’s not actually a legal requirement to have these inspections on your property, if you have employees or the public entering the premises, you are legally obligated to keep them safe. So an electrical installation condition report will cover all of your bases regarding electrical safety.

Replacing Old Fusebox
Outdated electrical systems can be a confusing time, even for someone that has a rough working knowledge of modern electrics. The way fuse boxes have changed over the years is quite substantial and can cause those unfamiliar with old models to make mistakes when attempting to replace an old system. A good electrician will have a working knowledge of wiring and electrical systems from the past 50 years or more and should handle this easily.

Rewiring A Property
As well as changing old systems like fuseboxes, an electrician will also be able to entirely rewire a property if required. For large renovation projects such as converting a building into apartments or just modernising a home, you will likely need to change the wiring entirely, especially if you are installing new plug sockets in different locations, as well as adding more lights.

Many people choose to do this alongside wiring a home to be more compatible with smart systems, such as creating a custom smart-lighting setup, for example. For a project like this, a skilled electrician is highly recommended.