Malton born Ryan Swain from Malton, North Yorkshire has been recognized and nominated in this year's prestigious Yorkshire Choice Awards which will take place at Eland Road in Leeds in May.

The presenter and DJ, 31 who trained in Scarborough has raised over £25,000 for various NHS charities together during the CoronaVirus pandemic with his live streams, gameshow's and DJ sets keeping people in high spirits and entertained daily throughout the lockdowns in the CoronaVirus Pandemic.

Recently he has been leading two global campaigns in his community one called Rescue The Ramp to save an iconic half pipe ramp at his local skatepark which he managed to get world famous skateboarder Tony Hawk to support gaining sponsorship of £15,000 for the ramp and ADHD & Me, which is a motivational and educational talk and touring show which aimed at all age groups but mainly young people, encouraging them to speak out about their mental health disorders.

Ryan has been doing motivational talks selflessly in schools, colleges, universities, community groups and theatres across the country. He has also delivered them virtually to sold out audiences across the world and is continuing to do so into 2022. Ryan's content around mental health and wellbeing, the laws of attraction and ADHD have been viewed millions of times across social media and help people on a daily basis.

Ryan says "I am truly humbled and overwhelmed and when I found I'd be nominated for this award I actually cried. I don't do what I do for gratification. I do it because I genuinely get a kick out of helping people and making a positive difference to people's lives. If I can use my name and status to help someone then I will do it, for me it's an absolute no brainer. Celebrity and the entertainment culture can often get a bad name and can be perceived to be conceited and selfish but for me if I can use my name to make an actual difference whether it be through fundraising, spending time with people or volunteering to help then I will. If I was to win, I'd dedicate it to my twin daughters Ivy and Isla.

The award is down to a public vote and you can vote for Ryan by clicking here: