As we enter week four of lockdown, I have reflected on the impact this has made on both my professional and personal life.

As a consequence of a quite terrifying, killer virus I have to admit that the enforced lifestyle change has caused unexpected shifts in my attitude, tolerance and view of life.

Time is now filled, rather than passed by in a flurry, healthy meals are planned rather than a box thrown into a microwave and new living circumstances adjusted to.

Having both my husband and mother under the same roof 24 hours a day has been, shall we say "challenging" at times. When it comes to tidy, I border on OCD, and whilst working in my newly created home office - peace and tranquility are paramount.

One of my all-time favourite films, the 2015 comedy-drama by Alan Bennett "The Lady in the Van" popped into my mind and I am seeking a camper van, small caravan or similar for the driveway. How perfect- the husband could work from 9 till 5pm, Monday to Friday in it, then the mother could switch and sleep overnight and during the weekend!


Seriously though, the Coronavirus has, without exception, changed the lives of everyone in our country in some way or another, and we must be thankful for good health.

When our monarch, Her Majesty the Queen addressed the nation almost 25 million of us tuned in across all channels. She invoked the Blitz spirit in her message of hope.


Stating "Better days will return; we will be with our friends again; we will be with our families again; we will meet again"

Indeed, we will meet again - if we are safe and sensible.

At TopicUK, we are operating as near normal as we possibly can. The 42nd edition of our magazine "The lockdown edition" has been warmly received online and via our App and we are doing everything possible to support our loyal partners across the region.


We have kick-started our next new project (how many other businesess are finding this time ideal to pick up on ideas and plans that had been put to one side?) "Yorkshire Businesswoman".

In time, our vision is to print a dedicated magaine to support all Yorkshire business women however we are starting out "gently" and have launched a new website:

We welcome any news, views, opinions and should you be interested in contributing, please do get in

Although it is impossible to start putting dates in the diary to visit our partners, attend meetings and events - my phone is always on.I am signing up to numerous webinars and Zoom events (all of which are plentiful and free!) and would be delighted to hear from any business who may need our help and support.

We will meet again.

Stay safe, stay home, save lives.
Best Wishes