One of my all time favourite films is the iconic "The Wizard of Oz" with Judy Garland cast as the young Dorothy Gale.

There are some classic quotes and songs including "You have always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself" and one which today seems more pertinent than ever "There's no place like home".


I have to say that my life has most certainly changed dramatically since the Prime Minister's request on Monday 23rd March "that the nation undertake social distancing and everyone who can, should work from home".

As I enter into the second week, I refect on my success (and indeed failures) at adapting to this whole new way of working, interacting and daily routines.

This may seem very trite, especially in the current situation, but I open my wardrobe daily with a real longing to "get my glam on" - and then slip into a pair of joggers and sweat top to work from my home office.

That said, personal appearance and being "the best version of me" must not slip by the wayside as even for a self confessed technophobe like myself, the internet has been a godsend and a reason to make an effort on a daily basis.

Prior to Covid-19, I thought that 'Zoom" only referred to a song by American band "Fat Larry" in 1982 however all thanks to many of our business partners (and top tips from Roth Read Photograpghy), I am now learning how wonderful this cloud-based video conferencing really is. Having inevitably had to cancel almost every event and engagement in the calendar and seriously struggling with FOMO
(a fear of missing out) it has been great to chat with my of our magazine partners and associates in this manner (my only dilemma now is, what does one wear on the upper body for such an occasion?)


Now more than ever, we need to keep in touch, whether it is to raise morale, share knowledge, make referrals or simply offer a listening ear.

At the magazine, we "Keep on keeping on" and although for the first time in seven years, printing has been temporarily halted, the 42nd edition has been published and is available both via the App or online:


However, when this lockdown lifts, we intend to update the edition and print as soon as possible. Our priority is the safety and wellbeing of all, and indeed to ensure that our partners and contributors continue to receive the highest level of service possible during these unprecedented times.

When businesses do re-open, they will need exposure, support and marketing expertise more than ever - "Team TopicUK" will be here to help.

In the meantime, for those who are "WFH" which stands for "working from home" by the way, take care and let us be thankful for the people on the front-line who are doing such an incredible job, each and every day.

Best Wishes