Yorkshire brewery, T&R Theakston has announced the launch of Theakston Paradise Gold, a 6.8% ABV vintage dry, sparkling, golden cider.

The new cider takes its name in tribute to the apple trees that once grew in what is now the extended brewery yard at the Theakston’s Red Lane brewery site, then known as Paradise Fields. It is also inspired by the first and only cider the company produced between the late 1970s and the 1990s, known then as Theakston Dry Vintage Cider.

Theakston is now reviving this connection through working with a small Somerset-based producer of apple juice to create its beautifully balanced crisp, dry, sparkling British cider, Theakston Paradise Gold.

500ml bottles of Paradise Gold Cider are available in pubs, bars and shops nationally, as well as through the brewery’s online shop.

Commenting on the launch, Simon Theakston, said: “The pandemic gave us pause to reflect on the past, look back at our archives and rediscover some old favourites from our 195-year long history. One thing that stood out to us was how successful our Theakston Dry Vintage Cider was. Renowned for its quality, it enjoyed an almost legendary status in our home territory of Masham, but also experienced impressive sales all over the north of England and beyond.

“We’ve long talked about reviving this association between the company and cider production and now that industry confidence is returning, we felt that there was no better time to have a bit of fun and experiment with cider recipes to bring back a delicious variation on a theme of dry, crisp fruity cider meeting the demand for a new generation.”