A Barnsley-based payroll company which delivers the wages of up to 5,000 workers a week has moved into larger offices and expanded its team.

Orbital Payroll Services has taken on a large open-plan office in the flagship DMC 02 on The Seam digital campus in Barnsley town centre.

As part of its move, the company has appointed to four new jobs taking its team to 25 and completing a 60 percent growth of its 15-strong workforce in 2019.

The move follows investment in new payroll software and technology to increase capacity and meet an uplift in demand for its services sparked by the pandemic.

The company has nearly doubled the number of people on its payroll system in the past two years as more recruitment agencies and employers have opted to outsource their increasingly complicated PAYE and self-employed payroll services for contractors and temporary workers.

Payroll manager Hayley Darby said: “We are specialists in paying a flexible workforce. We handle everything from registration to tax, national insurance and compliance with ever-changing legislation in this area, as well as weekly pay slips and the resolution of any individual issues with workers.

“The demands and disruption of the Covid pandemic led to period of intense growth for us as it prompted many more employers to outsource their payroll responsibilities for key workers, for example, and for contractors in the construction industry – the first sector allowed back to work.”

In response to the growing workload, Orbital invested in the latest digital payroll software and cloud-based storage systems which have enabled them to improve efficiency and data management.

The company is now able to process almost twice as many wages per week than it did two years ago – with capacity to grow further, without impacting on service levels. Its new office will be paperless.

Enterprising Barnsley key account manager Judy Sidebottom said: “Orbital’s swift investment in the latest digital technology and the development of their workforce has enabled the company to seize the opportunity for growth presented to them by the pandemic.

“It’s good to see a specialist service provider like Orbital embrace the potential of digital working and a well-supported team to prove you can achieve a UK-wide business success story from a headquarters right here in Barnsley.

“We are very pleased to see them move into DMC 02 to continue their journey as a leading UK payroll services provider and a member of our digital business community.”

Orbital was co-founded by director Jonathan Myatt, in Barnsley in 2007 and works with agencies, employers and flexible workers in all sectors across England, Scotland and Wales including a concentration of clients in London.

Hayley added: “Our roots are firmly in Barnsley and we know this has been good for the business over the years. Our team embodies Barnsley’s hard-working and ‘down to earth’ ethos and lots of people seem to appreciate and trust our friendly, straightforward and relatable approach to doing business.”

Orbital moved to its new high-spec 1,314 sq ft open-plan office from a group of three smaller offices in DMC 01 where it has been based since 2016.