Lord-Lieutenant of West Yorkshire thanks businesses who have created a wave of kindness during the Covid-19 crisis

Ed Anderson, the Lord-Lieutenant of West Yorkshire who is the Queen’s representative for our region has released a video in which he thanks businesses, charities, voluntary groups, faith organisations, and individuals for what he describes as “the wave of kindness” that has swept across the County during the Covid-19 crisis.

Ed Anderson explained, “I have written personal letters to a number of organisations such as local authorities, hospitals, care homes, the emergency services and community foundations. I have also sent thank you cards to all the 250 charities that have received Covid-19 public funding through community foundations.”

“I am conscious, however, that I can only directly reach a small proportion of the many thousands who have contributed to the wave of kindness; especially businesses who are going through a tough time and have reacted and adapted so quickly. I am hoping that it will be widely distributed throughout the County and may help more of those people to feel that their efforts are greatly appreciated. “

The video can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3UE5F0dWdM