With Covid-19 and Brexit having a major impact on production, Yorkshire based businesses are advised to look further afield to establish new supply chains and ensuring the resilience of existing ones.

Sheffield based international business consultancy, Mosaic International, offers specialised advice and services to businesses entering markets in the UK and Southeast Asia, and have developed a new ‘on the ground’ supplier audit service, allowing clients to take away the risk of finding or re-establishing reliable and resilient supply chains.

Kiley Tan, managing director who has commercial experience in both regions, comments: “Our service ensures that the supplier complies with our client’s safety and quality standards. In contrast to virtual audits, our service is carried out by highly qualified on the ground auditors who are based in the local territory.

“In the midst of a global pandemic and logistics challenges, our audit services means that businesses can continue to ensure that their suppliers are providing parts and goods which are of the highest quality. It is one less thing to worry about in these unpredictable times.”

Kiley continues: “Culture can also be a stumbling block when trading with certain territories. Not everyone speaks English, and there are different ways of doing business. This is where a locally based auditor really comes into their own. They can quickly pinpoint potential issues and enable clients to respond immediately and put remedial processes in place.

“Global purchasing is only going to increase, and Southeast Asia should be on most importers list. With the need to nurture third-party relationships, a local supplier auditor is the key to increasing margins and avoiding reputational damage.”