The question that HR software and consultancy firm, HRoes are answering on their first ever podcast episode. The Leeds based firm has launched a podcast series with the aim to help entrepreneurs, businesses, managers navigate the world of HR.

The podcast, aptly named HE:ER launched this week and promises scandalous HR stories with a generous dose of advice. Hosted by Elissa Thursfield, the founder of Hroes with 15 years of legal and consulting expertise and joining her is Oliver Robinson, a software service specialist who’s spent the entirety of his career in software. Together, they offer HR professionals valuable insights and actionable knowledge to navigate daily challenges.

Promising a fresh and entertaining approach to talking about HR subjects and the challenges effecting the modern workplace today. The series will offer listeners real insight to enhance their skills and tackle real world scenarios, from AI cheating to unconventional incidents like determining if sniffing a shirt is considered sexual harassment.

Founder Elissa Thursfield said, “HR:ER extends beyond a podcast; it’s a dedicated community striving to enhance the world of work. Our hosts foster a judgement-free space for HR professionals to openly discuss experiences, share insights, and seek solutions. We aim to build a community that comprehends the intricacies of the HR role.”

HR:ER is produced by This Is Distorted and available to listen on all major podcasting distribution platforms including Itunes and spotify.