A flourishing Leeds fulfilment centre has celebrated a record-breaking year.
The Curo Fulfilment facility store, which is operated by Pegasus World Holding, has doubled its annual turnover.

Curo Fulfilment is based in Curo House, a 75,000 sq ft state-of-the-art warehouse with offices, in the heart of the award-winning Logic Leeds business park by Junction 45 of the M1.

Pegasus Head of Operations Luke Grant explained: “Since we launched two years ago, Curo has grown from a niche, but effective, fulfilment company into a major player in this challenging, competitive and ever-expanding sector.

“We provide an unrivalled fulfilment service and are proud to stand out from our competitors. When a client’s stock arrives in our warehouse, we check it before scanning it and adding it to our inventory. We keep the client updated on their stock levels at every stage of fulfilment, so they know exactly how much stock they have in the warehouse.

“Safety is at the heart of our operation. Our storage service is available independently of our 3PL services, while our extensive CCTV coverage keeps all of goods secure, and our expert team ensure all products are stored safely and correctly, from small jewellery items up to large pallets.

“In essence, we take the pressure off companies to allow them to focus on their core business of sourcing, ordering and selling their products. We do the storing, packing and distribution, with integrated cloud-based software giving our clients real-time visibility of their orders and an easy order-to-despatch process.”

Meanwhile Hussein Kahil, marketing and communications manager, is extremely optimistic about the future of Curo Fulfilment.

He commented: “This is a pioneering business venture of which we are extremely proud. Unlike other fulfilment centres, we are happy to take products of any size. Indeed, we specialise in the storage of over-sized goods and large machinery. We have ample space to accommodate them, which makes us stand out from our rivals.

“We choose from a range of logistics partners to ensure goods are delivered when customers need them. With next-day delivery options, economy options, and options for large parcels, we have a wide range of choices to suit all needs.

“Our bespoke base at Curo House also features serviced offices so we are offering new start-ups and established businesses an opportunity to work in an office on a cost-effective basis while being close to their products. This limits expenditure on both leasing premises elsewhere and expensive additional staff.”

Clients include Omega PLC, one of the finest kitchen manufacturers in the UK and Vanderlande Industries UK, a market leader in logistic process automation in the warehousing, airports and parcel sectors. Curo Fulfilment houses Vanderlande’s oversized stock for Amazon’s automation processes.
Hussein commented: “The quality of these two exceptional clients proves we mean business and that we are not just a new kid on the block, even though we are only just approaching our third anniversary. Having these clients says a lot about our capabilities, our customer service, the large machinery we can store and our costs.”

Owen Woloszyn of Vanderlande commented: “The service that Curo Fulfilment offers is of immense value to us. By completely taking care of the logistics side of our business, we are free to concentrate on our core work.

“It’s such a brilliant, yet such a simple, idea. In the past, we have spent too much time concentrating on making sure our products are stored and delivered safely and correctly. Now we don’t have to worry about that. And that means we have time to expand our sales and marketing operation, which, in turn, should mean increased turnover, profits – and jobs.

“It has been a tremendous pleasure working with Curo. We would heartily recommend their services to other businesses who need support with their storage and distribution.”

One unique selling point for Curo Fulfilment is the provision of FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) processing services at highly competitive prices, enabling clients to enjoy the benefits of Amazon fulfilment while keeping costs down.

Hussein explained: “Our integrated software platform receives orders directly for Amazon FBA inventory restock. Our team works to quickly and carefully pick, pack, and dispatch the orders, whether for individual items, boxes, or pallets, and we then choose from a range of logistics partners to ensure goods are delivered to Amazon FBA Centres, at the best possible rates.”

He added: “Curo is Latin for ‘care’ and is embedded in our philosophy. We know that operational tasks can be time-consuming and demanding, so our team of experienced operators take this headache away from your business to save you time and allow you to grow your bottom line.”

Pegasus World’s passion and ambition has taken the company from a small start-up company in York, sourcing and selling clothing to the hospitality sector, to a global, multi-disciplinary group, looking to innovate and expand at every opportunity. The company is dedicated to having a positive impact on its customers and suppliers by creating healthy, empowering relationships, built on trust.