In the business world, running effective promotions can make all the difference between successfully advertising and spreading the word about your business, and sadly fading into the ether. To avoid the latter, you need to work smart, which means using all the resources available at your fingertips to ensure your promotion is a resounding success.

First of all, the most important stage is to work with your team to mind map a range of ideas – you never know who might turn out to have the most effective, creative ideas for your business.
Motivate Customers

Free products and great value sales are an excellent way of catching the customer’s attention and motivating them to engage with your promotion. You can offer free merchandise and gifts for customers, personalised notes, discount vouchers, or offer limited-edition bundles pairing up your most successful seller along with the least popular items.

Online companies such as Screen Textiles can be excellent for this purpose. As the UK’s leading wholesale garment company, they offer a variety of printing and personalisation options for different, high-quality items, allowing you the opportunity to advertise and promote your business at a low-cost rate.

Look to Other Companies
This is your opportunity to check out the competition – who are they and how do they run successful promotions? The idea behind this isn’t to mimic their strategy (you want to remain original and individual) but to analyse what they have done well and what wasn’t quite so successful. This allows you to cherry-pick the elements you think would suit your business promotion and help you to avoid the same pitfalls. Additionally, it gives you the chance to set yourself apart from your competitors and establish yourself as entirely unique, which in turn will improve your reach and memorability.

Strategic Marketing
The most successful promotional campaigns occur as a result of strategic and clever marketing practices. Firstly, you need to establish the channels upon which the vast majority of your consumer base relies on. If, for example, they are predominantly on Instagram and Facebook, it would be prudent to ensure that you create advertisements that are visible on these platforms; if they are of an older generation, newspaper or radio adverts might be the way to go instead, as it’s unlikely they will be frequently and regularly engaging with your marketing on social media channels.

Once you’ve established this element, you should focus carefully on the vocabulary you include in your marketing and look into which type of marketing – videos, podcast adverts, eye-catching statistical posts – is going to most suit your brand and customer-base.

Following this, you should check to ensure that your site is mobile-friendly and easily navigated by consumers, otherwise all your hard work will have been for naught.

If you follow these simple, yet effective tips, you are sure to run a successful promotion that not only spreads the word about your business, but helps to generate word-of-mouth. This will help you to increase your consumer-base and reach a wider range of potential customers who may not have heard of you before. So, what are you waiting for?