Shutters have long been used to shield houses from the elements, protect privacy and offer security. They are seeing a great resurgence in usage in contemporary designs because of their environmentally friendly insulation factor. They are typically hinged and made from a hard wood or aluminium. Here are 5 great reasons to add shutters to your home.

Shutters are great insulators. They have been used for hundreds of years in continental Europe to keep the cold out and the warm in. They also insulate well against heat – which can help you keep your home cool in the heat of the summer. Shutters are a feature it might be worth keeping in mind as global warming becomes more of a constant presence in our lives. They reduce the need to heat or cool your home with costly air conditioning units.

Many companies like offer special shutters designed especially for keeping intruders out. These shutters are usually made of aluminium or steel and feature solid locks. Competent thieves can quite easily break through windows or pry open bars but tend to be put off by a good set of security shutters. Security shutters are popular with businesses that want to secure their commercial premises and people that keep high-value items in their homes. They don’t have the aesthetic appeal of wooden shutters but offer a great deal more peace of mind.

A good set of shutters should provide you with a great deal of privacy. Some kinds of shutter also allow for the tilting of slats – allowing you to minutely adjust the degree of privacy that you have in your home. Shutters help keep prying eyes away. Some companies make shutters specifically designed with privacy in mind that allow you to see outside while making it very hard to see in.

Storm Damage
In countries that regularly experience tropical storms, shutters are often installed to protect windows against flying debris. Branches and waste can fly through glass panes – causing damage and endangering lives. The United Kingdom was once relatively safe from high-intensity storms, but the climate crisis has provoked more extreme weather events all around the world. The UK was recently hit by some of the worst storms in 40 years, and the trend of increasing extreme weather conditions is likely to continue. Good quality metal shutters can protect against most common storm debris and make cleaning up after a big storm a slightly easier affair.

Installing the correct shutters can make your house more beautiful. Houses in continental Europe and the American South are famous for their beautiful wooden shutters. Shutters can be extremely pleasing to the eye – especially the slatted examples found on older homes in Europe. If you want to modify your house in a more unique way, you could consider medieval-style shutters or contemporary rounded examples. Consult with a designer or shutter installation company to find the best kinds of shutter design for your home.