Fired Up Technologies, a West Yorkshire based audio-visual and interactive technology business have recently diversified the range of products and services they offer in response to market needs caused by COVID-19.

The businesses has put tremendous effort into supporting it’s existing clients within the family entertainment and leisure sector through providing products such as thermal imaging cameras and hand sanitiser display kiosks to enable them to future proof their facilities in regards to customer and employee care and protection. These products however are not just suitable for the above sectors and can help build confidence and protect people in any public setting, office, hotel, retail unit, gym, transport station, supermarket, manufacturing plant and other environments where large groups of people come into contact.

Both the thermal imaging camera and digital hand sanitiser utilise smart technologies to help support public health and educational values around personal protection against viral infections.

Fired Up Technologies has already started supplying these products to a number of UK businesses. Here are some of the unique details and benefits of each product:

Thermal Imaging Camera System: This system incorporates a thermal imaging camera, computer and monitor all packaged together in a robust rack. The thermal imaging camera picks up the temperature of anything that passes, the image capture will then be processed by the computer and displayed on the monitor for operators to view. This system allows operators to identify visitors or employees who may have a raised temperature upon arrival at a venue or place of work.

Hand Sanitiser Display Kiosks: This product combines a touchscreen display with an interactive hand sanitiser dispensing system. Built in sensors mean the kiosk can automatically dispense gel, foam or other sanitisation liquids when then sensors pick up motion from a hand or via touching the relevant button on the touchscreen display. The Kiosks ultimately helps businesses protect their staff and customers by enforcing hand sanitisation as a social responsibility, by making hand sanitisation more accessible and giving the ability to communicate its benefits in a clear an effective manner.

Fired Up Technologies Technical Director Gary Holmes commented “We have a social responsibility as a businesses to serve the public with solutions that will not only help slow the spread of COVID-19 but help give them confidence in works and social settings that the necessary precautions are being taken to keep them safe once the current restrictions are lifted”