To celebrate Yorkshire Day on August 1st, Barnsley-based online food and drink retailer Approved Food is making another round of donations to local charities – taking the number of items donated so far this year to a 25,000.

And as the county prepares to rightly indulge in some richly deserved regional pride, research by the company shows that big-hearted Yorkshire folk have been only too happy to help others during the coronavirus pandemic. A quarter of those questioned had been regularly food shopping for vulnerable friends and family during lockdown.

While the cliché still exists that people in Yorkshire are stingy, in fact people from God’s Own County are very generous and warm hearted – we just don’t like to throw money away! The same research revealed 90% of shoppers in the region would be happy to buy food that was past its best before date if the price was right. This compared with just 65% in the south west and only half of those who took part in Wales.

Approved Food has campaigned for many years for a better understanding of best before dates as a way of reducing the amount of food that is needlessly thrown away. Unlike use by dates, that generally apply to fresh produce, ‘best before’ is just guidance – and when stored correctly, goods such as tinned, dried and vacuum-packed food can last for months, even years after this date.

The company also believes in supporting the local community – and has thousands of items to good causes so far this year. Food, drink, snacks and household essentials have been given to a huge variety of recipients in the last 12 months, from charity cycle rides to street kitchens and even nearby Cannon Hall Farm, to help feed the animals during lockdown.

The business is also working with Ruddi’s Retreat, a Huddersfield charity that raises money to provide free holiday accommodation for families with seriously ill children, providing sweets and treats for volunteers to sell to raise money.

It has raised thousands of pounds for NHS charities through the sale of health care hero gingerbread figures and provided a hearty breakfast for pupils and teachers taking part in a sleepout organised by the Huddersfield Town Foundation.

The latest round of donations, organised by the company’s charity volunteer Neil Waine, includes food, drink and household essentials heading to Thongsbridge Food Bank and the Welcome Centre in Huddersfield, Wakefield Street Kitchen and Sheffield Women’s Aid.

Approved Food MD Andy Needham said: “Yorkshire folk have a reputation for being stingy – and while we certainly do love a bargain, we don’t like throwing things away, whether it’s perfectly good food or our hard-earned cash.

“In fact, nothing gives us more pleasure than to be able to help those less fortunate than ourselves which is why we are happy to help so many organisations throughout Yorkshire – and sometimes further afield too!”