Brilliant Agency supports world’s most sustainable air filter, Briiv, to overfund on Kickstarter by almost 400%.

The team at Five Create approached Brilliant agency to develop a completely new brand that would bring their sustainable air filter, Briiv, to life and support their Kickstarter marketing campaign.

Briiv is the world’s most sustainable air filter and uses a unique and completely compostable filtration system developed by the company.

Every Briiv unit uses 100% renewable and natural materials and is as effective as current non-recyclable HEPA systems but with a completely compostable filter system consisting of moss, coconut fiber, carbon and wool.

At the heart of the brand’s proposition Brilliant needed to convey that cleaner air means better living. Fewer impurities in your environment promotes blood circulation, brain activity and muscle performance. Owning a Briiv air filter increases your wellness and allows even those of us living in congested cities and towns, access to fresh air whilst not costing the earth through sustainable material choices and manufacturing processes.

Ryan Ward, Operations Director at Five says “The branding for Briiv provided by Brilliant really brought the whole project to life. Without such a strong sense of direction both visually and in its messaging, Briiv couldn’t have had the impact it’s had in its crowdfunding campaign which rocketed to 367% funded and now stands as an internationally recognised brand and product-leader in sustainable air quality.

Such a strong, clean aesthetic delivered by the branding really reinforced what Briiv is for and encapsulated the essence of the product: a bold step forward, hand-in-hand with natural materials for the good of mankind.’’

The Briiv air filter’s Kickstarter campaign has now overfunded on it’s original target by almost 400% and is set to ship to customers by February 2021.