As the nation continues to de-escalate its Covid-19 response, and we slowly and cautiously emerge from hibernation, I cannot help but ponder over what we are all actually going to do when this is over?

How often have we heard mention of “the new normal”?


Personally, I’m not convinced that I actually want to go back to what I considered normal anyway.

I don’t really look forward to sitting in traffic jams on the M62 nor standing on a railway platform crammed amongst others, uncertain as to whether I will even be able to get onboard the train, let alone get a seat.

We have experienced some profound changes to our lives, we have had to react with speed and intuition in business, discover and develop new ways of working, master technology and even though social distancing has been in place to keep us safe and protected, it has brought many of us closer.

I have joined countless Zoom calls with people that historically were “simply a name” – to be able to see their face, read their body language and conduct a meeting within a structured time period, has been an advantage.

I have also developed new skills and knowledge courtesy of an extensive array of Webinars and training sessions, from LinkedIn to Personal Brand, the topics have been brilliant and all delivered by experts from across the Yorkshire region.

One thing that has struck me most has been the selfless outpouring of kindness. I have watched with pride the individuals and businesses who have “stepped up” and reached out to those that needed their help the most – including our partners Chadwick Lawrence, The Trading Rooms at The Piece Hall, AWM and Town Hall Dental (to name but a few)

That said, I’m not suggesting that I am not ready for change, but I also appreciate this is an opportunity to take the chance to make changes.


I am really keen to rev up the engine and get the wheels of industry turning again, to get back to business as I know it and see our county wake up again.

Resilient and responsible, determined and diverse, patient and pragmatic – this is how our magazine partners have reacted during these challenging times and the respect I have for them is indescribable.

The shops are now open and next it is the turn of the hospitality industry, I trust that those of us who are able, and indeed feel comfortable and safe will enjoy the opportunity to support this sector, after all “eating out will never have tasted so good”.


I for one will be heading to Dakota Leeds with our Group Editor Gill for lunch and cocktails, although we have Zoomed, Skyped and FaceTimed on a daily basis, nothing beats being in the physical company of someone you admire.

Might we see you there?

Take Care