Rachel Roche, the award winning Yorkshire solicitor, jointly chaired a panel at the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) Global Conference in London after launching her ground breaking service to solve probate problems for American clients with UK assets which has attracted Government funding.

Each year the NYSBA’s International Section hosts a conference in a city outside the United States and it was opened by The Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, The Right Honourable The Lord Burnett of Maldon.

Rachel co-chaired a panel discussion with New York lawyer Michael W. Galligan, and it follows her decision to help probate clients who live in the USA but have assets in this country.

She said: “In June I was invited to meet the New York State Bar Association on a visit to New York to talk about international tax. At Roche Legal we have a UK/USA focussed probate offering and it has attracted provisionally approved funding from the Department of Trade and Industry to support this initiative. We also offer the same service for clients living in France, South Africa, Australia and Spain and can work with lawyers in any country. This has been in response to the legal contacts I have established around the world and they come to us when they need to obtain UK probate for the estate of a non-domiciled client.

“We administer the UK property and assets and repatriate the funds to wherever they need to be in the world and his started with a number of cases involving France as I am a French speaker. Our point of difference at Roche Legal is that we offer this service as a package to deal with the UK element of a probate and we can take care of the legal situation in this country. So, we are dealing directly with other law firms overseas.

“I am also undertaking business financial training in America that I will be able to implement into the work we do here at Roche Legal. The New York State Bar Association conference is taking place at Goodenough College in London and I will be co-chairing a panel discussion considering the newest challenges entitled: “Cross-Atlantic Estate Planning: Wealth Transfer Planning and Administration in an Internationally Challenging Time “.