A marketing agency in Skipton has highlighted exciting opportunities for business tourism across Yorkshire, with a new white paper.

The fabl, has drafted the white paper to inform businesses of new opportunities in a growing niche tourism sector known as MICE. The acronym - for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions - caters for groups of people who come together in a particular place for a particular reason.

The launch of the fabl’s white paper coincides with the government’s Business Events Growth Programme accepting new funding bids from businesses for 2024. Through the programme, VisitBritain supports organizations in developing, marketing and hosting international business events in the UK.

Mags Walker, founder of the fabl, said: “The changing ways people are working has created a whole new range of opportunities in tourism and hospitality. Businesses are now looking for an offer that combines the mixed characteristics of a touristic product and a business event.

“In the wake of almost three years of Zoom windows, Teams meetings, and remote working fatigue, businesses and employees have a newfound appreciation for in-person events. Meetings and events that encourage connection are well-positioned for success in the future.”

A well-considered MICE offer will become an increasingly important source of business for most hotels. The April 2023 sentiment tracker from VisitBritain revealed that 20 per cent of UK adults in employment plan on taking an overnight business trip in the next three months. Conference is the leading reason for taking one (30 percent) followed by ‘Team building’ (at 25 percent).

A recent Gallup report on Customer Centricity found that guests who are fully engaged with a venue will spend an average of 46 per cent more than disengaged guests. That's the difference between a guest spending £300 and spending £438 during their stay.

Mags continued: “The benefits are very clear, there’s a real opportunity here for businesses. To maximise the potential, a specifically tailored marketing strategy is needed based on the mixed components of MICE tourism. At the fabl we have a wealth of hospitality expertise. We are keen to share that with businesses, who are all welcome to read our white paper and we’re always happy to help if they need any further support.”