Family-owned Yorkshire bedmaker Harrison Spinks has partnered with Leeds-based charity, Zarach, to supply 20 custom-made mattresses each month to support children and families in poverty in local and surrounding areas.

The luxury bedmaker, also based in Leeds, is continuing its work with the charity after donating a number of responsibly made mattresses in 2022, to give more children in Yorkshire and the surrounding areas a place to sleep during winter.

The charity aims to “give every head a bed”, delivering beds and basics to children via its central Leeds hub and in towns and cities across the country, with additional hubs in Dewsbury, Huddersfield, Calderdale, Liverpool, Stockport and Romford. Partnering with local schools, it is able to identify children living through poverty crisis, where parents are continually making the choice between spending money on food, using the cooker or the washing machine. For many families, beds are an expense which seem like a mountain climb.

Each custom-made mattress supplied to Zarach by Harrison Spinks features a bespoke label displaying both brands in partnership and a heartfelt message that each mattress has been “Made with love in Leeds”.

Amy Green, Funding and Communications Manager at Zarach, said: “Our mission at Zarach is to end child bed poverty in England and give children the opportunity to engage in their education. Too many children are sleeping on cold, hard floors, sharing with multiple siblings and even in the bath. Sadly, we have heard it all. However, we believe that through our work, and together with Harrison Spinks and their generous donation of mattresses, we can continue to make a difference.

“Ensuring children have a warm, safe place to rest each night begins to level the playing field amongst their classmates, creating a place for their growing bodies to develop, a place for privacy, and a space to call their own.”

Nick Booth, managing director at Harrison Spinks, said: “Zarach plays a significant role in supporting children and families’ lives in our local area, and we are delighted to be partnering with them again on this project to deliver 20 customised hand-made beds each month to those desperately in need. We hope that our partnership will deliver lasting and positive change to the lives of children and families throughout Leeds and the wider areas.”