Local full-service law firm Jordans Solicitors has formed a corporate partnership with the Yorkshire-based domestic abuse charity, Independent Domestic Abuse Services (IDAS).

IDAS provides support to anyone subjected to domestic abuse or sexual violence, through refuge accommodation, outreach services and a free, confidential helpline. Their services include community-based support, peer mentoring, group work, emotional support and safety planning, and support through the criminal justice system.

Jordans Solicitors opened almost 75 years ago and are based in the heart of many communities in Yorkshire. Their specialist services include Family Law, Child Care Legal Advice, and Child Abuse Compensation Claims.
Jane Matthews, head of abuse department, said “Jordans Solicitors Abuse Compensation Department and Family Department act for survivors of sexual violence and domestic abuse and know just how important the support IDAS offers to survivors is.

“We are delighted to be working alongside IDAS to ensure that the clients we represent have their support during the legal process and we are able to provide survivors with legal advice and assistance to ensure that they and their family members’ safety is protected during difficult times.

“We also feel that it is important for survivors to have legal knowledge about proceeding with a civil claim, should they decide this is something that they wish to do to help them move on with their lives. For some, compensation can be a small step to taking control of the lives and receiving the justice they deserve”.

Sarah Hill, CEO of IDAS, said: “We are living in a time of extraordinary challenges. We are continuing to see the impact of COVID, when victims were trapped with their abusers and isolated from their usual support networks. As lockdown restrictions were lifted, we saw an unprecedented demand for our services, and we anticipate that this increase in helpline calls and referrals will continue for some time to come. We are also finding that abusers are now using the current cost of living crisis as a means of further exerting power and control, including by restricting their victim’s access to money and therefore making it harder for them to leave.

“We are grateful for the support of Jordans Solicitors. We need to raise around £100,000 each year to support our mainstream funding, and corporate partnerships provide a vital source of income. We hope this partnership encourages other businesses to follow suit, so that we can reach more people subjected to abuse and violence who desperately need our support.”