Dewsbury-based arts organisation Manasamitra is set to launch a digital showcase ‘Women to Watch: Manasamitra’s Mentoring Showcase 2022’ on Friday 7 October at 7pm. It will present this year’s mentees from its UK-wide Women Composer Mentoring Scheme and their compositions.

The six women from minority backgrounds that are a part of this year’s programme have received one-to-one guidance from Manasamitra’s founder and artistic director, Supriya Nagarajan (pictured), an internationally acclaimed Carnatic singer and composer with over 15 years’ experience in the arts industry.

This year is the programme’s second year in action, having now expanded nationally from its Yorkshire roots with current mentees hailing from London, Wales, Manchester and Liverpool.

The event is set to showcase the women’s talents and shine a light on their unique cultures and styles; a key aspect of the programme.

Supriya is keen to ensure women from all backgrounds have access to valuable, specific support to hone their craft and that they are business-savvy when entering the working world of the arts.

The women who are enrolled on the 2022 mentoring programme are:

Mandy Leung - an emerging composer, educator and classically trained pianist, clarinettist, and percussionist from Hong Kong
Rita Morar - a versatile London-based fusion singer, songwriter and live performer
Vinthya Perinpanathan - a Sri Lankan-British instrumental composer, currently studying towards her master’s degree in Composition at the University of Manchester
Nicola Singh - an artist who works across performance, visual art and film from Hebden Bridge
Sriranjini Simha - a Carnatic classical vocalist who recently moved from India to the UK
Ramya Tangirala - a Carnatic vocalist who specialises in playing the traditional Indian instrument, Saraswati Veena
Under the programme, these women have composed their own unique performances under Supriya’s guidance.

Speaking of the programme, Supriya said: “I am thrilled to be able to mentor such talented women, who all come from such interesting cultures and backgrounds.

“It is a pleasure to be part of their development and I cannot wait for them to showcase what they have been working on at Women to Watch: Manasamitra’s Mentoring Showcase 2022.

“As a woman of colour myself, I am proud to be able to provide a source of support for others. Many of the issues they are facing, are the same issues and biases that I have experienced over the years, and still do.

“At the start of my career I wished I had someone who looked like me to support me through these specific challenges and help me to feel less alone in my art. This year’s programme has been a great success and I look forward to what the future holds for Manasamitra and the mentoring programme.”

Rita Morar, a mentee in the programme, added: “My experience in the programme has been so fulfilling and positive. From the beginning, Supriya's mentoring has been both uplifting and humbling. She was aware of the rewards and challenges associated with trying to kickstart a career in the arts, and it was refreshing to learn from someone who has overcome those hurdles.

“I had a greater sense of optimism following each session with Supriya, encouraging me to believe that I am capable of achieving my goals. At Manasamitra there were no boundaries, whether it was pushing my artistic mindset or discovering new avenues to advance my profession.

“Music has advanced so much by recognising the female talent that is out there, but I feel further improvements can still be made. I believe that music is universal and that the colour of your skin should not matter. I am proud of my Hindi and English heritage, this is my identity, this who I am.”

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