York-based SpeedQuizzing has seen a 108% increase in demand for its quizzes in April, with 10,000 virtual SpeedQuizzing events hosted over the last four weeks.

Prior to the lockdown beginning, the company’s online quiz platform and app was used by hosts to run an average of 1,200 fast-paced, interactive quizzes every week, typically in pubs not just in the UK, but all over the world.

When the lockdown was announced, the company moved rapidly to adapt its technology to enable its quizzes to be hosted and played remotely. The result of its endeavours, a new app and online platform called SpeedQuizzing Live, has already proved hugely popular, with an average of 2,500 virtual quizzes now hosted and played every week, with some events attracting as many as 200 quizzers, often from all over the world.

Their technology is also benefitting teachers and schools, who are using it to stage virtual quizzes for pupils in order to further their learning and keep them engaged, relieving some of the home-schooling pressures parents and guardians are currently facing.

Commenting on the success of SpeedQuizzing Live to date, co-founder John Leach said: “We knew there would be demand for SpeedQuizzing Live, but what we’ve seen over the course of the last four weeks has surpassed all of our expectations.

“The UK has gone quiz mad and our free-to-download software is being used to host on average 476 virtual quizzes every day, both in the UK and much further afield, in countries such as New Zealand and India.

“These are difficult times for everyone, so to help quiz hosts, whether that’s entertainment professionals wanting to earn a living or simply members of the general public wanting to run a quiz for friends and family, we’ve made it free to use for anyone who is hosting a quiz with less than 40 players, which is the majority of people.

“It’s still a work in progress in many ways and it’s only going to get even better as we’re constantly improving its capabilities and functionality, with the SpeedQuizzing Live app now compatible with both Apple and Android devices.”

The family-run company, headquartered on the outskirts of York, recently strengthened its fifteen strong-team with the appointment of software developer John Martin. The team includes five question writers, who create and add 1,500 new questions to its database every month, ensuring every digital question pack the company creates and sells is completely unique.

SpeedQuizzing Live is available to download through SpeedQuizzing.com.