New workplace wellbeing start-up launches free Wellbeing Day

  • Free Wellbeing Day taking place Tuesday 12 October 2021
  • All sessions are delivered by diverse wellbeing professionals
  • Free wellbeing sessions focusing on diversity, inclusion, confidence + joy

Employers must make workplace wellbeing more inclusive to tackle poor mental health among workforce, a new wellbeing start-up has urged.

Oshun Workplace Wellbeing, founded by Leanne Evans and Sarah Watts, has called on UK companies to ensure that workplace wellbeing initiatives are delivered by diverse wellness professionals to make all employees feel included and tackle poor mental health at work.

Following on from World Mental Health Day and to highlight Black History Month, Oshun is hosting a Wellbeing Day on 12 October, offering free sessions to employers and employees across the country. In the UK, rates of mental health problems are often higher among some ethnic minority groups, with racism, inequalities and mental health stigma being a main driver. *

The Wellbeing Day is part of Oshun’s mission to revolutionise the face of the wellness industry, changing the stereotypes associated with wellness and making it more inclusive and accessible for everyone.

Sarah Watts and Leanne Evans said: “While many companies have great wellbeing initiatives, we noticed that some of the professionals delivering sessions were not diverse, making it harder for all employees to feel included.

“It’s no secret that experiences of racism, microaggression and inequalities can have a detrimental effect on people’s mental health, yet throughout all this they are expected to show up at their best at work. Our vision is to make mental health and wellbeing as inclusive as possible so that everyone can feel included and bring their whole self to work.

“That’s why we’ve picked all our sessions for our free Wellbeing Day with this in mind. Not only do we have sessions focusing on inclusion and diversity, but they are also delivered by a host of diverse wellness practitioners. From ‘how to make your workforce diverse’ for leaders, to an inclusive yoga session and much more. There’s something for everyone and we hope that this will encourage more people to get on board making their mental health a priority.”

Oshun’s free Wellbeing Day sessions will include:

● Inclusive Sunrise Yoga for all body shapes
● Mindful Nutrition on a Budget
● Becoming the Empowered Woman- Finding your Joy at Work + Life
● Five ways to make your workplace more inclusive if you don’t know where to start
● How confidence changed my life - Transformation tools for work and beyond.

To book your free sessions, register for Oshun’s Wellbeing Day –