Wealth Management firm Woodward Financials and managing director David Woodward are delighted to be the main sponsor of Olympic Dressage hopeful Megan Brown.

David said “There are many parents who give up time to help their children succeed and achieve their goals, those that go on to compete on the world stage become role models for others and I am very keen to promote this. Megan who is already a role model and trainer for my children and I was allowed the opportunity to witness her, unique engagement with her students. Her skill, determination, and commitment, help me decide who would carry our leading wealth management brand.”

Megan commented “Thank you to Woodward financials for supporting young riders and giving them great opportunities”

Pippa Hutton added “Megan is a credit to us and I am very much looking forward to having her working for me in November. Megan is a talented, hardworking young rider. She is very dedicated, and I have no doubt she will make her dreams become reality”

David added: “No matter who you are, if you are given a chance, then you should take it and be the best within your pursuit”

Megan will be competing at Prestige Equine in late November and Prix St Georges (PSG) in 2022 and working towards the European soon after and the pinnacle prize of representing Great Britain at the 2028 Olympics to be held in Los Angeles.

Megan a 20-year-old up and coming Dressage rider from the Northeast of England, is currently attending ‘Talland School of Equitation in Cirencester’, where she is gaining her BHS exams and currently training with both Pippa and Pammy Hutton who have been a massive part of her journey so far. Megan’s horse ‘Shannon’ was an unworked feral horse that was given to Megan, with a little training and hard work ‘Shannon’ who is now 11-year-old will be competing at PSG in 2022. Megan who has been riding for as long as she can remember has been competing for well over a decade and with the right team around her, has all the training, skill, and ability to fly the flag for Great Britain.