The Vulcan to the Sky Trust (VTST) is currently fundraising to build The Vulcan Experience at Doncaster Sheffield Airport and a green technology will be at the heart of the experience.

The Green Technology Hub (GTH) will give young people an insight into how scientists and engineers are tackling the climate change challenge.

The charity responsible for returning Vulcan XH558 to flight now has less than eight weeks to raise the money needed to build the new home for the iconic aircraft that will honour the past and inspire the future.

The Vulcan to the Sky Trust have developed plans for a visitor experience that will be a legacy of this heritage restoration project and will inspire young people to pursue careers in science, engineering, technology, and maths (STEM) roles.

Michael Trotter from VTST explains: “We must address the climate crisis in The Vulcan Experience and provide an opportunity for young people to see what can be done to protect the environment for the future.
“This was Dr Robert Pleming’s legacy and we are determined to fulfil his dream of creating a GTH that will focus on the evolution of greener aircraft design and the materials that make them, looking at future technical solutions to the climate change issues generated by aviation.

“Robert was the driving force behind returning XH558 to flight and his death earlier this year shocked and saddened us all. We are now working to deliver his vision of an exciting and interactive GTH that will inform and educate the public about the causes of climate change, especially those arising from aviation, and what engineers are doing to devise new solutions to reduce and eliminate these causes.

“The GTH will be a space where visitors will be encouraged to contribute to solving the climate challenge by following careers in aviation, engineering, and technology.”

Youngsters will leave the Green Technology Hub understanding that;

  • Scientists, engineers and technicians can help to solve climate change problems.
  • Energy comes from a variety of sources of differing characteristics.
  • Aviation has a future, but it may well look different from today.

The Green Technology Hub will feature explanations and demonstrations of the Climate Change Imperative and aviation’s contribution to climate change, but it will offer hope by showing there are solutions.

The charity will work with airlines and the aerospace industry to show visitors how they are acting on concerns about climate change.

“We want the GTH to be a catalyst to inspire and educate, and that visitors will leave with an understanding that scientists, engineers, and technicians can and will solve climate change problems.

“But first we need to raise the money needed to build the hanger and individuals or businesses can get in involved and help us to reach our fundraising total of £2.2m by the end of the year by either donating to our names under the wing appeal or joining our 558 Executive Alliance,” added Michael.

People can support the campaign by adding a name to the aircraft and contributing to the Trust’s work to build the new hangar creating a brighter future for heritage aircraft preservation, restoration and operation.

Names will be added permanently under the delta-wing of Vulcan XH558, on the bomb bay doors and undercarriage doors for a donation of £50, and on other designated areas for a donation of £30. Each dedication comes with a personalised certificate that acts as a commemorative receipt for the requested donation. For more information visit

Businesses can support via the Vulcan 558 Executive Alliance – a membership group open to businesses from across the UK. Any company that joins the Executive Alliance will, in return for sponsorship, receive a package of
benefits including having their name displayed on a dedicated members’ wall in the new hangar.