Working on a construction site brings a unique set of dangers to the professional arena. There are typical hazards to navigate that will always need mitigating in some way, and some of this is up to the employer while the rest is down to the employee. This guide has some important things to think about before attending any work site where your safety is at risk.

Staying Vigilant
Staying vigilant often feels like the most obvious thing to do, but it is not always intuitive. It requires a degree of focus and commitment that lots of people struggle to maintain. Yet, because it is so important, it has to become a common goal. Staying vigilant on a construction site means paying attention to everything that is going on. You must stay aware of where the heavy machinery is, when it is being used, and who is moving through where at what time. This is why schedules and communication tools exist so that everyone can be kept in the loop, and no one puts themselves in harm's way at an unfortunate time.

Protecting Your Feet
The next biggest thing to consider is how best to protect your feet. These are arguably the part of your body that is most at risk of becoming injured through stepping on something sharp lying around or having heavy objects dropped on it, etc. That is why strong work boots are non-negotiable, and if you are going to show up to work without them, it is likely that you will simply be sent straight home.

Other PPE Considerations
Work boots are one piece of the bigger PPE puzzle that all construction workers should keep at the forefront of their mind while they work. This means there are other pieces too, and every site will have different requirements. You should receive full training regarding expectations before you start, but if you are finding your feet in this role, it may be time to simply acquire your own professional grade kit like goggles, and high-vis clothing.

Follow Instructions
The golden rule for construction workers is to always follow instructions. There is often signage dotted about the site that tells you where you can and cannot access and provides other warnings such as alerting you to the presence of live wires. Always keep an eye out for these instructions because they are there to help you remain safe and away from harm.

Speak Up
If there are ever times when you see people not following the guidance, or you simply don’t feel comfortable proceeding with the task because of something that seems wrong in the environment, it is time to speak up. Your voice matters and it can even help to combat any serious health and safety risks before they become a major problem. If you don’t say something, and it comes out that you had prior knowledge, you will absolutely be liable too.
Staying safe at work is a top priority for anybody, but it becomes even more relevant when there are real dangers to life lurking about. Take time to wear the right protective equipment and stay up to date with all the relevant safety advice for the site.