When organising a virtual work party, you will need to ensure that workers are not being left out or feeling like they are left out. When planning the work party, there may be HR issues that you will need to think about, such as ensuring that your organisations brand is protected and that everyone is as safe as possible online.

With that said, there are likely to be a few more points of consideration when trying to organise a virtual work party. This article explains some things you will need to think about, so let's get started.

Organise suitable virtual games
When you are organising a virtual work party, you will need to ensure that you have arranged suitable games that everyone can enjoy. For example, you need to ensure you haven't organised games that could be offensive to some members of your team and that all can play the games you have organised without needing to learn certain skills.

For example, while video games are a fun activity, not everyone will have the skills to be able to play them. Consider what everyone will be able to do. Classic party games will be useful here, as they will usually have quite basic skills that are transferable and, therefore, fair for everyone.

If you are organising virtual board games, then ensure everyone knows how to play them beforehand. You could send out the links ahead of time, giving people plenty of time to practice. If they are struggling at games such as scrabble, then you could send them to a scrabble cheat site that can help them unscramble letters and find words. Scrabble Solver is designed exactly for this, to help you learn the game and assist you when you're stuck.

It's also worth asking people within the business what sort of games would be of interest to them to try and ensure there is something for everyone. Even if it's not possible to do all the games people want, you may be able to find some common links for games, so that everyone can enjoy them.

Consider doing the party during work time
Sometimes, you may notice that employees won't be too up for attending work parties due to the time they take place. While employees might all get on with each other quite well, they may not want to spend some of their valuable free time hanging out with people they work with.

For this reason, you may have more luck with setting up a party during work hours. The only exception to this may be Christmas work parties, which usually take place on the weekend before Christmas, with the expenses paid for. You will find people more receptive to the idea of coming to a work party if everything has been paid for.

If you're unsure when to host a work party, consider asking your staff. You may be able to find a suitable time, whether during work time or not, that works for everyone. Ensure you are not giving anyone the impression that they have to come, as this could make them feel awkward and lead to them leaving the business.