After the great success of its Artist’s Window series launched in 2021 alongside Leeds Arts University, Developer and Asset Manager, MEPC, has installed its final art showcase at 4 Wellington Place, championing the theme of ‘self-expression’.

Designed to support the creative talent of Leeds, the Artist’s Window is one of MEPC’s community initiatives, providing local artists with the opportunity to exhibit and showcase their work to the public.

The final winner, Precious Seronga, is currently studying a MA Fashion, Entrepreneurship and Innovation course at the London College of Fashion, having previously graduated with a degree in Visual Communications from Leeds Arts University.

Motivated by rich African culture, the winning design celebrates the unique and interesting qualities of the continent, which may be unknown to many.

Taking inspiration from the facial masks worn throughout the pandemic, which hide our expressions and identity, Precious was empowered to showcase her Maasai tribe heritage to highlight how masks can be used as a form of self-expression and pride.

Originally from the Maasai tribe in Northern Tanzania and Kenya, Precious drew creative thoughts from the beautiful hand-made beadwork the tribe create. Deciding to showcase this traditional skill, the colourful masks in the design were made by Maasai women.

Speaking about the design, Precious Seronga, said: “Being African in the western world, I have experienced the distinct lack of education about my continent. To be chosen on the cultural significance of the art was a true honour – not only to myself as an artist – but also to other Africans in Leeds. I believe opportunities like the Artist’s Window are great for young artists to have a dedicated space to showcase their work in order to help them make their way up in such a competitive industry.”

Dominique Simcox, head of customer experience at MEPC, added: “We are delighted to host Precious’ amazing design at 4 Wellington Place – it truly is a fantastic way to end the Artist’s Window series. We love the inspiration for this piece, as well as the education value it brings to the city of Leeds. We can’t wait to showcase this artwork for everyone to enjoy.”