Children's charity, The Principle Trust are asking shoppers at Tesco in Skipton for votes for Tesco's Community Grants Scheme.

The Skipton based children’s charity if successful will use the community grant to purchase two sets of outdoor furniture for use in their two holiday homes for disabled children. This will allow children and their families to spend time together outdoors.

To vote for the local children’s charity, you will need to make a purchase within store of any value. You will then receive one token per transaction, the token scheme is continuing until 31st December 2021.

The Principle Trust Children’s Charity supports disabled, disadvantaged, and underprivileged children, through the provision of free respite breaks. Its aim is to improve the mental and emotional wellbeing of the children and provide relief from poverty, crime, disability and any other disadvantage for the children and their families. The holidays also give the opportunity to strengthen family units and improve the quality of family life.

Since The Principle Trust Charity was founded in 2011, through donations and fundraising it has provided more than 3,700 underprivileged, disadvantaged and in excess of 350 disabled children and their families with a free week-long respite break.

This is not the first time Tesco in Skipton has supported the charity, just last month a team completed the Yorkshire Three Peaks in just 7.5 hours and raised £354. The challenge was led by Craig Gale, grocery manager who is used to this kind of challenge,