Growing Leeds-based Commercial Cleaning firm, Nova has just undergone a buy out after their investor, David Ruddy, the previous owner of Biochemica Group took on 70% of the business during COVID-19, saving 48 jobs.

By enlisting Industrial Chemist and Investor, David Ruddy as a key person of control within Nova, the firm held on to their loyal employees and client base and continued their growth across Leeds and the UK.

The buy-out comes ahead of time and despite the economic difficulties the Brazilian-born owner and founder - Mara Alves, has managed to grow the business to a point where she is able to take back full ownership.

Mara not only benefitted from David sharing her vision, but also from his 25 years’ experience in business and chemistry has been advantageous for this West Yorkshire company which continues to enlist his help with legionella management for her client base.

“Selling my first business, Biochemica Group, to Veolia was something I felt strongly about to move my team to the next level. Veolia were the best fit for my team and their growth. I then discovered Nova at the start of COVID, I met the team and decided to approach Mara to become the MD. We had a plan to have a staged buy out. When this happened ahead of schedule it proved investing in the right people pays off. Now working in partnership together we have exceeded both our expectations” said David Ruddy

“Resilience is the key to achieve any goals, even the hardest ones. The road is long, but the destination makes the trip worth it. Work alongside great and experienced people who wants to see you succeed,” said Mara Alves.

The business is becoming known not just for providing its clients with the best service levels across a variety of sectors, from gyms and restaurants to offices and schools; but also for its dedication to creating a great work environment for its employees.

Mara’s sheer tenacity and drive to succeed in a new country, having arrived not speaking a word of English just a few years ago, forge the way for making Nova one to watch!