If you have never arranged a team-building activity before for your team, then you may not be aware of the potential benefits you’re missing out on. This article will go over some unique outdoor team-building ideas for adventurous organisations this summer. Let’s get started.

Obstacle Courses
If you are looking for an activity that entertains an adventurous team, then look no further than an obstacle course. Inspired by the hit show Total Wipeout, which has recently returned to TV, you and your team will be able to tackle an obstacle course over water. If you’re familiar with the show, then you will know what the course entails.

As you can imagine, this would make an amazing activity for the whole team to get involved. You could split workers into teams, much like the end of the show, and do sections together. Of course, you can also get the team to compete against each other on an individual scale, if you want to go down that route.

A fun and unique outdoor team-building idea for an adventurous company could come in the form of camping. Camping may not be the main actual activity, but it could add to the experience of another activity. There are also some camping experiences that have more to them, and can add more of a luxurious vibe.

This comes in the form of glamping. Yurtel offer specialised bespoke and wild experiences that offer a unique experience. These corporate adventures will be perfect for team-building, as they offer a range of different activities alongside unique accommodation. All of this means that you can host an original and creative event that your employees will remember for the rest of their lives.

Glamping accommodation comes in many different forms. You will have tents, which seem like traditional canvases but on a larger scale. The most popular type of glamping accommodation comes in the form of yurts or domes. These tents are usually quite open and could even include a fire in the centre. They could have multiple different rooms, which will seem much like a house once inside, with plenty of furniture, sometimes even plumbing.

There are also treehouses that can offer a luxurious camping experience. These wooden huts are hoisted above the ground, situated among the trees. The height, style and physical location will vary, meaning that every place you go to will be unique. They could be small individual huts, or they could be connected buildings.

Paintball is an activity that not many organisations think about for their team. They believe it to be dangerous and messy and not something that they think employees would be interested in. However, you will find that paintball is a much more accepted activity these days.

Paintball companies are always offering corporate packages that ensure that everyone involved will have a good time. For example, they may have the traditional games where you shoot at each other, or there could be teamwork-based games that see you shoot at inanimate objects.

Speak to your team and the paintball organisers ahead of time so that you can find out what options are available and what everyone would want. There are paintball games that require less action and exertion, which may benefit some organisations.

You will also be able to sign up for paintball events that do not require you to get messy and muddy, which may be something you prefer. It’s worth looking into a variety of different places for paintball, as there is likely quite a few options in your area.

A great way to work through some stress and tension that exists within the workplace is to sign up the team to race some laps around a go-kart track. There are many outdoor go-kart tracks situated around the UK, with different levels of competition. For example, there will be some professional and semi-professional organisations that host competitions, and there will be some that are for more casual racers. There are plenty of guides for first-time go-kart racers, so don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed.

Of course, there will also be tracks that do a bit of everything, including hosting corporate events and big casual events in general. You will be able to see your employees have fun while racing each other around the track. You can add in the team-building element by putting some workers into teams, competing and working on laps together to either complete the most laps or get the fastest time.

There will be a few different ways you can engage the team in go-karting races. For that reason, it may be best to speak to the team beforehand so that you can gauge what people are into and what they could be capable of. Remember, the purpose is for the team to have a good time together, and that includes everyone.