Low code/no code firm TAAP has focused their resources to develop a solution that allows charities to maximise their face-to-face fundraising opportunities.

The lockdown has made it difficult for donors to support their charities. With reduced footfall in city centres and charities unable to conduct fundraising events, the number of people exposed to fundraisers has been limited. Until recently, there has been no option to fundraise in any face-to-face capacity. This combined with the ever-growing trend towards card payments over cash means charities have been hit hard.

UK businesses have made cash all but extinct in this Covid safe world, this has severely hampered charities’ ability to raise cash revenue, which adds up to the millions of pounds each year. TAAP is here to help with a product that will enable UK charities to welcome people with and without change, to make change happen. The company has already begun helping charities across the country, for example a charity focused on helping elderly people in need, recently adopted and have benefited from using the solution, seeing their donations increase considerably.

TAAP Fundraiser is an out of the box contactless, covid-safe solution designed to simplify how charities can get back out fundraising and can even be up and running in 5 days! They provide charities with a mobile device, airtime support, a credit card terminal, an online portal to view donations and telephone support.

Louise Lawson, charities product manager at TAAP said “It’s great that lockdown is coming to an end and charities are able to get back to supporting those who are most in need. With TAAP technology we are trying to help all charities of any size benefit from contactless, covid safe solutions to streamline their fundraising activities and focus their efforts to best effect for the charity.”

The solution also includes a feature that supports Gift Aid. Gift Aid is a tax incentive that enables tax-effective giving by individuals to charities in the UK. Gift Aid helped charities raise £1.35bn last year by adding 25% to each donation.

With hospitality and retail venues opening up following recent announcements, and charities being able to plan events and campaigns TAAP will be on hand to help charities increase those vital donations from face-to-face engagements.