Taking inspiration and culinary influence from his travels around the globe, professional chef James Mackenzie will be joining Trinity Kitchen following the unveiling of its new bespoke street food van.

Converted from an old Peugeot J7, the van has pulled into Trinity Kitchen to join its permanent line-up and will host a changing roster of up-and-coming cooks, chefs and street food aficionados – the first vendor being York-based chef James Mackenzie’s new street food kitchen, Jimmy Mack’s, arriving on Tuesday, June 1st.

With a concept based around BBQ, smoked, ‘low & slow’ meats, the menu includes mouth-watering wraps filled with 12-hour hickory-smoked beef brisket, Birria lamb leg or maple-smoked pork collar, all topped with homemade salsas, pickles and sauces, plus extras and sides such as Southern-fried boneless chicken thighs and loaded fries.

Chef James, 32, has taken inspiration from his travels after trying different street foods around the world, and having worked as a chef across the globe – from chalets in The Alps to luxury superyachts in France, Italy and Croatia, where he has catered for the rich and famous. James was born in South Africa before living in the Caribbean and then travelling to South America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Speaking about his upcoming stint at Trinity Kitchen, James said: “After years of working in kitchens, it was time to do my own thing! I want to create tasty food that I love and bring something a little different to the street food scene.

“The street food van is such a great opportunity for chefs like myself, one that is original and isn’t offered anywhere else. I am looking forward to serving up some great food.”

Over the past year, James has become very green fingered, growing his own chillies and tomatoes of different varieties which have inspired the new menu. He also hopes to widen his knowledge in foraging and growing and continue to develop his menus for the future.

Also joining the Trinity Kitchen line-up will be Spuds n Bros, offering the traditional Canadian delicacy of poutine with a variety of different toppings and the option of gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian gravy, as well as Sri Non Kitchen, specialising in Thai curries with a selection of traditional starters and sides such as crispy chicken with sweet chili sauce and Singapore noodles, and Wagyu Lookin’ At?, serving up epic Yorkshire Wagyu burgers and sides such as their fully loaded skinny fries topped with pulled pork, cheese, and their Louisiana style sweet and smoky BBQ sauce.

Since its launch in 2013, Trinity Kitchen has hosted hundreds of food trucks, trains and vans from across the country – hoisting them up to its first-floor location using a special hydraulic lift. Now the new permanent street food van will be in situ for the foreseeable future, give budding smaller businesses the chance to set up shop and showcase their talents without having to own a van of their own.

The new van is fitted out with a fully functioning kitchen area and can be personalised with branded lightboxes, signage and menus for each new vendor, making it unique for each offering.

Josie Towning, food and beverage manager said: “It is great that we are able to take on board and support talent like James, who has amazing experience catering for the rich and famous around the world.

“We are delighted that the people of Leeds are now welcome to try his amazing food at our new bespoke street food van, alongside some other fantastic names joining us at Trinity Kitchen.”

The new street food line-up arrives on Tuesday, June 1st and will change every six to eight weeks, sitting alongside permanent eateries including Archie’s, Pho, Rola Wala, Tortilla, Pizzaluxe, Absurd Bird and Doner Shack.