Stonegate Precision Tooling Ltd has launched its Safe in Stone campaign to provide vital healthy and safety support for fabricators within the stone industry. The campaign will deliver essential informational and educational resource designed to help keep construction workers safe and healthy, while also enabling business owners to stay abreast of the latest HSE regulations.

There have been a number of serious health risks becoming more prevalent within the construction industry in recent years; most notably occupational silicosis (a respiratory lung disease), musculoskeletal issues caused by improper lifting and handling and Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS). There have been concerns that it is difficult to find the relevant information on these crucial issues and this has formed the basis of the campaign

Stonegate aim to provide a resource centre of educational content to share insights, knowledge and official advice on all matters relating to Health & Safety in the stone fabrication industry. The Safe in Stone campaign will also encompass events, social media highlights, blogs, emails and printed literature designed to help fabricators stay safe, comfortable and healthy, while enabling business owners to stay in line with Health & Safety Executive (HSE) regulations. They plan to welcome speakers from across the industry, the HSE and academia, who will share the most up-to-date developments on these crucial issues.

Stonegate are the diamond stone tooling market leaders in the UK, and the size of the business and resource available means they have built a technical department dedicated to new product development. Part of this development has been to build insight and knowledge into how fabricators can be made aware of risks and be empowered to work safely.

Managing director, Graham Hazell, said: “With over 30 years’ experience in the stone industry, both working closely with suppliers and supplying solutions to stone fabricators, we see first-hand on a day-to-day basis the safety risks faced by fabricators. We hear their challenges in providing a safe working environment for employees and fully empathise with their concerns.

Our Safe in Stone campaign is a small step towards developing a greater industry across the UK and Ireland of the dangers facing fabricators, the long-term consequences and how a business might mitigate against them.”