Having highly motivated staff in your workplace is an incredibly important asset to the overall success of your business. A highly motivated workforce is one that will ‘go the extra mile’ on a range of important projects and tasks and will deliver excellent results that improve the functioning of your business. In fact, there are numerous reasons why a motivated workforce is an integral part of any high-achieving organisation. This article seeks to explore three of the key ways in which a business can boost the motivation of its workforce to create a productive and vibrant employee culture that drives continual excellence in all forms of work.

A Dedicated Office Location
After the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, many employees were required to work remotely whilst national lockdowns took place in an attempt to slow the spread of infections and protect the NHS from becoming overwhelmed.
Whilst remote work proved to be a reasonably effective solution to allowing business continuity, it also created more challenges in terms of employee motivation. By being physically distanced from key colleagues and workmates, an important social aspect of work was lost. The traditional short coffee break chats were no longer possible, and a key form of communication and the exchange of ideas was lost.

Today, as the restrictive aspects of the pandemic start to recede, many businesses are relishing the prospect of having their employees back together in a physical office location. Having a dedicated office in the UK such as those offered by theworkstation.co.uk provides a central hub for employees. It also allows free and natural conversations to develop that serve to foster a strong team spirit and increased levels of motivation.

Offer Clear Paths to Career Development
Another key way to improve employee motivation is to offer signposted means to achieve personal development and career progression. This should ideally involve many senior positions being advertised internally as this serves to demonstrate that the employer seeks to develop its workforce from within. Having a robust career development plan such as that offered by the civil service in the UK can be a highly attractive proposition to may employees who want to stay with a firm for the long term and develop their skill sets.

Conversely, an absence of career development opportunities within an organisation can demotivate ambitious employees who want to progress their careers and may lead to them seeking alternative employment opportunities in the medium term once they realise that the scope for progression is limited.

Cultivate Teamwork
A highly motivated organisation is comprised of teams that work effectively together. Every company that wants a highly motivated workforce should therefore look for ways of cultivating excellence in teamwork.
This can be achieved in a variety of ways. Having team-building days where employees work together to solve interesting problems in a new environment is a tried and tested way. In addition, corporate social events such as office parties and celebrating the success of high- achieving employees can bring a team together in a social situation where enjoyment and bonding are encouraged.