Bollards are an effective and easy way to protect a business, property, warehouse or even a car park. They are also an effective way to divide and separate different areas of a premise from each other. If you are in the United Kingdom and are looking to invest in some bollards for your business or property, then here are a few of the different types of safety bollards that are available to you.

Automatic bollards
The first type of bollard that can be used on a property, premises, or business in the UK is an automatic bollard. These UK bollards can act as type of security measurement for your business and can prevent unwanted guests from gaining access to your business. Automatic bollards are extremely effective and even come in a range of different sizes. These types of bollards can even come with flashing lights and an audible sounder that will make a noise if someone of something comes into contact with the bollard.

Removable bollards
Another popular type of bollard that is available to you in the UK are removable bollards. This type of bollard is a great way to protect a business, a vehicle or car parking space. These UK bollards are cost-effective and have a number of different uses. Removable bollards come in a variety of sizes and heights, meaning you will be sure to find one right for your needs. Even though they can be moved around, these bollards also come with an integrated locking system, meaning once you have put them in place they will lock until you decide to move them again.

Rising bollards
Rising bollards are another type of highly effective and convenient bollard that can be used in a number of different areas. The rise and fall feature of this bollard means that they are an effective measurement of security and can be tailored to suit your own personal needs. Rising bollards are also very useful when it comes to calming traffic in a city centre, towns, bus lanes and even motorways. To control these bollards you can use a number of different controls, such as an intercom, keyfob, vehicle reader system and much more.

Embedded bollards
Although embedded bollards are the most simple type of bollard that is available on the market, again they are extremely effective. As their name would suggest, embedded bollard embedded into the ground, and can not be moved. They are typically made out of steel or concrete, meaning they are long-lasting and sturdy. Although embedded bollards are most commonly used in car parking lots, they can also be used to protect businesses or even separate areas of a warehouse or premises from each other.

As you can see there are a number of different types of bollards available on the market, each with own added features and different benefits. This means you will be sure to find a bollard that is right for your business, property, or premises, ensuring both protection and security.