Technical architects are increasingly in demand across the UK, according to the findings of a new industry report.

A new report highlights that there are 50,750 architects currently employed in the UK in technology roles spanning enterprise, business, solutions, technical, software, network, infrastructure, systems, data and security. Experts at SPG say that demand for architects is currently very high, and the number of people pursuing the career path is up 1% on last year.

The 2023 Tech Architecture Market Trends Report from SPG Resourcing presents insight into the latest market trends, hiring demands, gender splits, and top employers, keeping businesses in tech and data sectors up to date with the latest developments in architecture.

The highest concentration of architects is currently based in London (17,632), but regionally the demand is increasing in line with the growth of specialist tech businesses and successful start-ups. Behind the capital, Bristol is next with 2,268 technical architects employed, followed by Manchester with 1,885 employed.

The report highlights that roles within the architecture community are mainly held by males (87%) compared with females (13%).

It also identifies that the top industries employing tech architects are consultancy and managed services (15,461), tech and software vendors (6,692), banking (2,894), telecommunications (2,820) and financial services & capital markets (2006).

Commenting on the report, Sam Hameed, co-founder and managing director of SPG Resourcing, said: “This report gives a valuable snapshot into a specialist role in the tech sector. Talented candidates are highly sought after and are being snapped up by some of the leading businesses occupying the sector. We are certainly experiencing very high levels of hiring demand for individuals at present.

“It perhaps comes as no surprise that the majority of roles are based in London, but we expect other parts of the UK to expand rapidly as technology businesses look to diversify and increase their regional footprint across areas such as the Midlands, Yorkshire and the North West. The sector is very heavily male-dominated, and we hope that with education and training, the gender split begins to balance out over the next few years as more women break into the profession.”

To explore how the industry can address the issue of diversity, SPG Resourcing is holding an event in Leeds in February 2024. It is open to a broad range of businesses to encourage positive debate.

SPG Resourcing says it is seeing increasing demand for professionals with machine learning, cyber security and data science skills. The company provides interim and permanent technology resources to many businesses, from insurance and financial services to health, housing and large FTSE businesses.

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