Sustainability Partnerships’ mission is to drive and accelerate the sustainability agenda within the NHS. Their ongoing work bringing together NHS professionals and sustainable solutions places them in a unique position and provides a holistic view of the NHS’s sustainability movements.

Sustainability Partnerships has now published their 2022 Sustainability Impact Report. The report covers a range of subject areas surrounding the sustainable developments being made within the National Health Service showcasing the goal to build a greener future in healthcare. It utilises insight drawn from events undertaken by Sustainability Partnerships throughout 2022 working with CCGs, NHS Trusts and hospitals as well as deep research into the subject areas. The report has been created with commentary from a number of companies at the forefront of sustainable healthcare innovation, including Sharpsmart, ACETECH, and Connected Kerb.

The report covers topics such as:
• The NHS’s Sustainability Agenda
• The use of GreenTech
• NHS Plastics and the Circular Economy
• Investments in Green Innovation
• Medical Devices Role in the NHS’s Green Agenda

Sustainability Partnerships Co-Founder, Georgia Halston stated “I am so happy that we are able to offer this resource containing information and case studies directly from NHS Trusts on developments made within the past 12 months as well as insight into what is to come for the NHS’s sustainability movement.”

The report is available to download for free on The Sustainability Partnerships website via their report page.