Sustainability Partnerships’ mission is to drive and accelerate the sustainability agenda within the NHS. They bring together NHS professionals and companies with sustainable solutions in regular events to promote collaboration on new ideas and even the uptake of new products within the healthcare system.

To kick off 2022 Sustainability Partnerships are hosting an event entitled ‘The 2022 Sustainability Agenda’ on the 19th of January at 10am. The event invited NHS professionals to discuss what is to come throughout the next year of sustainability within the NHS.

Confirmed speakers so far are:

Dr Elaine Winkley MBBS FRCA, Consultant Anaesthetist, Clinical Lead for Sustainability Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust Chair of Faculty of Sustainable Healthcare HEENE&NC

Will Blair, Sustainability Manager, THE CHRISTIE NHS FOUNDATION TRUST

Joaquim Duarte, Senior Sustainable Waste Manager, University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust

Alexandra Hammond, Head of Sustainable Procurement and Supply Chain, NHS England and NHS Improvement

NHS Co-Founder Nathan Swinson-Bullough stated “Last year we witnessed amazing progress within the public health sector towards a greener future and heard of some fantastic innovative new products and services. We plan to continue the journey this year with the same strong momentum!”

Discussion topics are set to cover a range of specifics from the NHS’s sustainability agenda, including:

• Sustainable Transport
• Sustainability Goals and Agendas for 2022
• Starting your Sustainability Journey
• Staff Engagement
• Sustainable Procurement
• Waste Reduction and Management

To learn more about the NHS’s agenda for 2022, click here to register for your free tickets to the event.