The pandemic has drastically changed the way in which we do things. Work and pleasure have both been impacted due to working from home and with bars and restaurants closing. No that lots of us have gotten used to staying inside more often, it’s important to not forget about our health and what we can do to stay fit. Here are some ideas for keeping on top of your health during and after the pandemic.

Take up running or cycling
Walking or cycling to work was a great way for many to get a bit of exercise worked into their day. Without having the need to travel to the office anymore, it’s easy to just enjoy the extra hour or so that the commute no longer takes away. But that time spent every day getting moving and the blood pumping was a very healthy aspect to the day. Take a bit of time out to get moving again. Consider a walk before and after work, or if you have a bike, take a ride around. That bit of physical energy before work will help you to stay focused and getting some time in after you finish work will help you to decompress and distance yourself from a stressful day.

Keep an eye on your overall health
Not a lot of people enjoy going to see their GP and it’s not uncommon for people to hide from any problems that may be arising, especially during the pandemic. Concerns over face-to-face contact with people, especially in an official medical setting are understandably concerning, no matter the procedures in place to prevent the spread of the virus. To both alleviate those concerns on in-person contact and to save you some time during your work week, consider booking a GP appointment online with the Virtually healthcare app. This NHS run business offers online consultations and a variety of other healthcare related services, which will save you time during your busy days.

Regularly stand up and move
At home or in the office it can be easy to forget to get up once in a while. We can all be guilty of letting the time slip by, especially when fuelled by caffeine and deadlines. It’s important to take some time for yourself though. You should be getting out of your chair regularly to avoid issues like muscle and joint pain, as well as other potentially more serious issues. If you do experience any negative symptoms from working for prolonged periods of time, consult your GP for a check up.

Don’t forget your lunchbreak
In the comfort of your own home, you might feel like just cracking on with the task at hand. Just because you’ve had a bite to eat and grabbed another coffee in five minutes, that doesn’t mean you should skip the rest of your lunch break. Use that time wisely to help yourself recharge and reset. Give yourself a break and try some stretching or yoga to help prevent postural issues down the line, or even just take a well-earned rest from your work. Our mental health can be harmed greatly by stress and overworking ourselves. Take care of your mind and body now and you’ll be thankful in the future.