The team at a South Leeds garden centre group is celebrating after being invited to host a prestigious event for electric vehicles on 2nd July.

Tingley Garden Centre is home to one of the largest electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in Yorkshire and has been selected to host an event as part of a five-day 1400-mile showcase of all things EV and demonstrates vehicle capability from cars to all-electric HGV, charging infrastructure and clean energy projects.

On 2nd July, over 50 vehicles participating in the rally will arrive at Tingley Garden Centre, where electric vehicles will be on display and experts, including representatives from ‘Women Drive Electric' will give advice.

"With 56 Compleo chargers, which are powered by solar panels and 100% green electricity, we are well-placed to be an official Check Point in the AtoZ EV Rally. We're celebrating our participation in this prestigious event by offering customers free charging all day on 2nd July, said Jo Dales, head of marketing at Yorkshire Garden Centres.

Compleo's head of marketing and communications, Clare Nicol said: "Tingley is the largest charging hub in Yorkshire and we're excited about it being a Check Point. With the number of electric vehicles on the road rising by 18% year on year, EV charging point installations on the scale of the one at Tingley will become increasingly necessary. With two DC charge points and 54 AC chargers on offer, it's the perfect place for garden centre visitors to recharge while they enjoy the facilities and offers the convenience of rapid 50kW charging for those who want a quick top-up just off the M62."

Experts will be on hand to give advice from 11 am and the EV rally will start to arrive from 1 pm.

The EV charging points at Tingley are one element of the business's commitment to net zero, which includes harnessing solar power, harvesting rainwater, using green electricity and improving waste streams.