Slumberdown, has expanded its newly released Wonderful Wool collection with the addition of a pillow filled with 100% British Wool.

The Wonderful Wool also includes a range of naturally filled duvets made with 100% certified British Wool, from British farmers.

Slumberdown’s Wonderful Wool can help aid better sleep, providing a wide range of sleep benefits. Wool is a natural temperature regulator – keeping you warm when it’s cold out and cool when you’re hot. The natural, breathable fibres found in wool make the body feel soft and comfortable while sleeping.

Another benefit of the Wonderful Wool pillow is that the natural wool filling will keep your head dry and cool during those horrifically humid nights, extracting moisture away from the skin. The wool fibres trap air within them to create a soft and cosy insulating layer, providing absolute comfort in any climate.

The range has been proven to improve overall sleep on average by up to 25%.

Better yet, natural wool is a completely sustainable material, which is easily recyclable or can naturally break down when the pillow reaches the end of its life.

Slumberdown’s Wonderful Wool Medium/Firm Pillow is generously filled with 100% British wool and hand-wrapped in a luxuriously soft 233-thread count cotton cover and is available in packs of one, two, or four.

Neil McMillan, new product development director at parent company, John Cotton, said: “The release of the Wonderful Wool pillow made complete sense; due to the positive reception we receive after last year’s release of the Wonderful Wool duvet collection, we wanted to create the perfect pairing of sustainable bedding – which is accompanied by a variety of sleep and comfort benefits”.

Graham Clark, director of marketing at British Wool, said: “We are delighted to be working with Slumberdown on this exciting new product range, helping to bring the wonders of wool to the fore and in turn helping to give the British public a better night’s sleep!”