The award-winning Leeds-based flexible packaging manufacturer Roberts Mart & Co Ltd has launched its pioneering and environmentally friendly stand-up pouch for leading supermarkets across Europe.

This pouch has been developed in conjunction with McBride, the leading European manufacturer of private label products for the cleaning and hygiene market.

The doyback pouch will be used by major supermarkets for their own brand laundry capsules and dishwasher tablets.

Ben Roberts, marketing director, explained that the company was extremely proud of this new packaging because it embraced the use of recycled plastic in the manufacture of plastic packaging and is produced from mono material as opposed to a traditional complex, multi-material laminate that isn’t recyclable.

Ben commented: “Given the widespread global fears about plastic pollution, it is absolutely crucial that we look at innovative ways to reduce plastic waste and to promote increased levels of recycling and collection of plastic waste, diverting it away from landfill or incineration.
“Our new packaging for supermarkets’ own brand laundry capsules is a classic example of putting this aim into practice. 30 per cent of this plastic packaging is recycled plastic, making the whole process a more virtuous circle.

“The packaging also addresses the challenges posed by the new Plastics Packaging Tax, which only applies to plastic packaging components that contain less than 30 per cent recycled plastic. The tax is a crucial step in the UK’s journey to be more sustainable in its use of plastic.

“It is important to stress that all responsible plastics packaging manufacturers – and their customers - should accept this tax, rather than fighting against it.”

Thomas Deremez and Mathilde Viot, product development specialists with McBrides, said they were delighted with the collaboration with Roberts Mart.
“The move away from plastic packaging which cannot be recycled, together with the successful utilisation of more and more post-consumer used recyclable plastic, is now a reality, while the strength and rigid character of the new pouches means that can they be processed at speed on our production lines.

“Thirty per cent PCR (plastic made from recycled plastic) content is already a great achievement but it is a first step: we are now aiming to increase further the level of inclusion of PCR plastic.

“For McBride, this project is also an excellent example of the success that comes from pooling expertise between suppliers and customers to deliver the innovation to support the essential move to more environmentally friendly products.”

“Ben Roberts added: “We are consistently looking at ways of reducing the impact they have by light weighting them, by reducing pack sizes and by substituting or replacing plastic with paper, where it is a viable alternative. In addition, we can make some plastic compostable where composting is an option, i.e. industrial composting in European markets.
“Our main goal is to ensure all packaging for our customers is designed for a circular economy. Plastics are a valuable resource and need preserving through collection, sorting, recycling and re-use.

Ben added “Our initiatives such as this stand-up pouch mean that we have put ourselves in a strong position to cope with the new tax. For example we are able to produce both plain and printed films and bags, which contain a percentage of recycled material and are deemed recyclable.”