The hospitality group behind Brazilian Rodizio, Estabulo and SAKKU opened their very first restaurant just a few years ago. Fast forward to the present, they’ve since founded a total of five popular restaurant brands, and branched out across 11 different cities.

Outside of Leeds, the group has launched brands such as Caffe Noor and Casa Peri-Peri in Wakefield, and SakkuSamba in Manchester, as well as various Estabulo restaurants up and down the country.

One thing that all of these restaurants have in common, is that when it comes to the festive season, you won’t see Christmas trees or other festive finishes in any of their restaurants.

Instead, the budget set aside for seasonal decor is utilised for better purposes.

In previous years the group has hosted Christmas dinners for the homeless at Estabulo in The Light, or donated essential items, such as sleeping bags, to Leeds based charities who serve those in need.

This Christmas, with more and more families feeling the pinch, the group gave back to the communities of all the cities that have welcomed them over the years.

They presented Trussell Trust Foodbanks with £5000 worth of food vouchers which will be split across each and every city that holds home to one of their restaurants.

Arnold Newton, part of Trussell Trust foodbank, The Well Project, said, “This Christmas felt different to others, a lot of people have fallen on really hard times. We’ve got to help, to carry on going, and to do our best to support these people.”

He continued, “This time of year, donations are always amazing, the local people always come together and bring some community spirit, and that’s just amazing.”

Rob Campbell, an associate of the restaurant group who delivered these food vouchers said, “We’ve been lucky enough to work in cities up and down the country who have welcomed us into their communities with open arms. Each Christmas we sit down and think about how we can help others, and this Christmas we thought it was time to give back to the people in need in those very same cities.”

He continued, “Having visited The Well Project, I can see first hand the difference that donations like this make, especially at Christmas time, and I feel honoured to have met this incredible team of people, and that we’ve been able to give back in this way this year.”